Welcome to 3Bu Hostel

3Bu is a shortened word for Tribu, which is Latin for TRIBE.

/ˈtɾibu/, [ˈt̪ɾiβu]

Community, Harmony, Friendship and Adventure. 

A Harmony of opposites,

Where Cordilleran tradition blends perfectly with modern contemporary style,

Where adventurous guests share experiences with other travelers,

Where comforting and calming atmosphere unify in the midst of the vibrant friendly vibe,

Stay in 3Bu hostel and be part of our tribe!

About 3BU Hostel

3Bu Hostels are more than just dwelling spaces for travelers but rather a place where people experience community, harmony, friendship and adventure.

Our guests are part of our tribe. We celebrate life, share unique experiences, and are mindful of our actions.

We are committed to provide a place where guests experience genuine care and comfort, where guests can interact with each other and establish lifelong friendships.

Friendly Reminders

Please be reminded that 3Bu Hostels do get a bit noisy and fun especially on Weekends and Holidays. During these times, 3Bu Hostels' common sleeping quarters are not recommended for people who need to keep schedules.


Lockers and Padlocks: BRING YOUR OWN LOCKS. We are happy to sell you locks for the lockers in case you forget to bring one. But we encourage you to bring your own lock for your own safety and convenience. We are not responsible for your things.

We have security cameras , security guards, and your hostel family to keep an eye out for your things. BUT always lock up your valuables in your personal lockers. We are not responsible for it.


Age is just a number so if you are a fun loving, open minded 100 year old and ready to have an adventure and mingle with strangers, you are welcome! 

If you seek privacy and silence, please ask the front desk for our private rooms.


Depending on availability, you can check-in early or check-out late for just Php 50.00 per hour


Please be mindful of your fellow guests. 

Quiet time starts at Between 11:00pm to 9:00am.


Absolutely NO SMOKING. PHP 1,500 fine for breaking this rule.

No drunk guests in the sleeping areas. You have to sober up in the common areas but if you cause a commotion we reserve the right to remove you from the hostel without any refunds given.  You can do this if you want to experience sleeping on the streets.


No eating or drinking inside the sleeping areas please. Let’s keep our lovely hostel clean for everyone. 

You can bring water inside the sleeping areas!

We have common areas where you are welcome to bring your food even from outside. We don't charge corkage fee but you are encouraged to share!

In case you soiled the linens, click the Guest Charges Button for the prices you have to pay.



Booking is only confirmed if fully paid otherwise we will open the booking to other guests.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Mixed Sleeping Areas? 

All pod areas are mixed sleeping areas. Male and female guests share the same room. 

For private rooms, of course it is up to you; but a maximum number  of persons to a room is imposed.

Do I have to share a bathroom? 

If you stay in our Pod areas, then YES,  you do have to share a bathroom.

Towels and Toiletries included?

Yes. Fresh towels are provided during your stay.

Is breakfast included? 

No, for the pod guests and yes, to private rooms if it is indicated. But do not worry, we have partnerships and discounts that we worked hard for to get you food at a discount not only for breakfast.

Can I pay upon check-in? 

Only for walk in guests without reservation. 

Do we allow early/late check in & check out? 

We strictly implement the standard check in and check out time.

Although, we can provide an early check in as soon as your room/bed is ready with an additional fee - P50 per hour but is subject to availability.

Late check-outs may be arranged through our front desk with an additional fee - P50 per hour but is subject to availability.

Can we bring any food or drinks to the Hostel and Bar?

Yes you can! Corkage fees are not our thing. But don't get dead drunk and we encourage sharing!

Is there parking space at 3Bu Hostels?

It depends on our hostel locations! For 3Bu San Fernando, parking is provided for our guests on a first come first served basis. Unfortunately, there's no parking space at 3Bu Baguio and 3Bu Session Gov. Pack. 

Baguio is really congested, our Baguio locations are near the central business districts so no need to bring a car. In case you have a car, we have properties that has parking, please ask the front desk.

Is Wifi provided?

Wifi is provided in our Hostels. We do not encourage torrents and downloads as it will slow down the shared connection. We see to it that guests have fast and stable internet connection but sometimes problems occur with our service provider.

Laundry Service?

No. We do not have in house laundry service but we can recommend Laundry Service Providers. Please inquire at the Front Desk.

Kid’s Rates?

Children below 16 (Sixteen) years old are strictly not allowed inside the common sleeping areas.

Children are only allowed in the private rooms.

1-4 y/o : free of charge

4-9 y/o : half rate

10 years old and above : Full rate

3bu Hostel Etiquette 

Hostel Rules you HAVE to know 

(to make lifetime friends)

Okay, let us have a look on HOW NOT BE A TOTAL ASS when staying at hostels.

Here you have our rules and reminders for staying in 3Bu hostels or any hostel.

After all, you do not want to be the worst hostel guest ever.

1. Be mindful and respect each other please

The number one unwritten rules for Hostels, and also life, is: Respect!

Basically, it implies these common sense rules for a nice coexistence.

Treat people as you would like to be treated.

Keep the space as you would like to find it.

Just a quick summary of good hostel manners:

2. Your Locker & padlock – your key to safety

Your padlock will be your major treasure.

It will be the key to your world, to your things.

When staying in a shared space, having your stuff on the lockers or in the Front Office will keep them safe.


The worst thing when you want to use the common spaces is to find leftover foods and greasy oily tables! 

Don’t be that person who uses the spaces and leave someone to clean your mess. 

That may work at your place, but in a common areas, others may also like to use it after you, or even at the same time.

CAYGO please, leave everything tidy.

4. A smile goes a long way in a hostel

A good way to start to meet people is a simple smile.

You would be surprised how much it helps to start a conversation! I am sure you have many many things to speak about…

If not, no worries, good listeners are also very appreciated. Remember, a hostel is there to meet people, to mingle and have fun. Nobody likes negative nancies!

And certainly nobody wants to talk to someone complaining all day long.

5. Silent mode (at least at Night)

This actually goes without saying, but it seems like people need a reminder sometimes. Silent mode is a good idea! And not just for your cell phone.

Keep silence in common sleeping areas.

Common areas are meant to hang out, meet people, or have telephone conversations.

Use them and do not disturb your sleeping mates.

6. A note for Early and Late birds

If you arrive at the hostel very late/early, just prepare all the stuff you will need out of the common sleeping quarters.

Like that, you won’t disturb fellow guests.

There’s nothing more irritating than the unpacking noise of plastic bags while you are sleeping (or trying to get asleep).

Prepare for the next day, especially if you have to catch a trip in the morning. Do you want to take a shower before leaving? Then leave your towel and toiletry ready.

If you have a super early call time, better take a shower the night before.

7. Hostel Etiquette: Lights & AIR COnditioning

Keep the lights off in the sleeping areas. The switches are not hidden but please do not turn them on just for your sake. Do not also turn the air conditioning unit to a temperature you desire, other guests might not be as cold as you.

If you are arriving late, use a flashlight when entering the common sleeping areas (yes, you do have a torch in your cell phone).

Therefore, after a padlock and travel adapter, always bring a small flashlight for your key chain with you.

Out of battery? Just wait 30 seconds.

Your eyes will adjust to the light. Then, it will be easier to find your bed.

PRO TIP: if you are the one who is sleeping, a sleeping mask is a good idea. We talk about it on #17.

In the very rare case, you can also switch on the light in the middle of the night.

But, really, only in the rest of situations.

Before you accidentally jump in the bed of your fellow hostel mate, turn on the lights and make it over to your bed.

3Bu Hostel is strictly not a party hostel.

Always keep in mind: be respectful.

8. Party Time! Outside the hostel, please …

If you wanna party and you are not staying at a party hostel, it is better to have a meeting point at the hostel.

Get a fixed meeting point in the common area so you can all introduce yourselves, and then move to somewhere else to party.

Other guests would prefer to relax, so they would appreciate your kind consideration.

Respect other guests rest.

9. Tag it! (Your food)

Before putting your food at the fridge or shelves simply tag your food with your name and departure date.

With this small gesture, you will not just show which food is yours.

You will also help the hostel staff to maintain the food area clean and tidy.

Also, your travel mates could use that sauce that you did not finish in case they are curious about it once you left.

If there is no pen or anything to mark your food, ask the staff for help.

10. Don’t use the Sleeping quarters as a porn set

Shared sleeping areas are not the place to have sex… fellow guests WILL hear you, definitely! Seriously, you know it, we know it, everybody knows it!

At least, if you are doing it with a small degree of skill, everybody will hear you.

There are private rooms in case you are thinking about having sex.

Just book the right room type before traveling. Or you can always adapt to the situation.

Room types? Yes, there are many types to choose from.

11. The bathroom is not your SPA

The bathroom is a common area, not a personal spa. We know it is difficult sometimes…bathrooms can be so relaxing.

Take into consideration that there are some other travelers which may also need it.

Know that fresh water is scarce and we all share the same amount of water no matter where you are from.

We are not saying you should not enjoy your shower. Just use common sense and don’t block the bathroom for the next hour.

12. Be aware of your moods

You have problems? Talk to us. We go through a lot of things when we travel but we recommend you to not be a huge douche bag. 

Do not ruin other guests' travels, keep to yourself, we serve alcohol to calm your nerves.

Do not be rude to our staff, do not throw keys, do not throw tantrums, we respect you as a fellow human being, please be respectful to us too. Bad reviews from the worst guests will not affect us, your problems are not ours, instead we aim to share good vibes.

Remember, you are at a hostel. It is easy to build life-long friendships here.

13. Respect hostel vibes, rules, and ambiAnce

We have written rules which must be respected.

Also, If the ambiance is very chill, don’t pretend to party.

Ignorance is not celebrated here. It's a community and we expect you to behave as human as you can. Be the best person a stranger would meet.

14. Do keep your phone in silent mode

Ringing phones and alarming phones are a nightmare to other guests.

Just imagine everybody would do that?! It would be a huge mess…

Remember, you do not want to be the worst hostel guest on the planet.

15. Be friendly, my friend

Just as Bruce Lee says that you must be shapeless like water

Okay, that sounds weird, maybe you got it already. We recommend you to be friendly at a hostel.

That will help you meet more people! A “hello” goes a long way in a hostel. It all starts with a simple “hi“. It works in every language and breaks the ice right away.

The huge advantage about a hostel is the mindset of the people. Almost every person staying in a hostel knows it’s a shared space and are open to chat.

If you are an introvert staying at our hostel, try to go to the common areas where you can read books, you might meet someone who has the same interests, chat with you  and invite you to dinner! Remember to pay for your meals and drinks and be a good person.

16. Book exchange? Great! We love it

Have you ever tried Book exchange?

It is the best way to be able to read during your trip and not carrying a lot of books.

Plus, you can discover new authors.

Take a look at the books and in case you find any interesting book, swap it with yours. Easy!

A book exchange means you leave an old book of yours, and you take a new one with you. A book-swap really.

17. A mask and earplugs can save you from your worst night

Sleeping in shared spaces is normally not a problem, as people respect each other. NORMALLY!

But we all heard about travelers who had met some disrespectful travelers.

Those people won’t let you have a sleep during the night.

Snorers neither.

In that case, just be prepared. This is not really a hostel etiquette, but something you should really pack and bring with you or you can buy it from us.

18. Sharing is caring

Leaving the hostel and have some stuff which you won’t need any more?

Share it with the other travel mates, they will appreciate it! Don't leave your things in the common areas as someone might think it is for sharing.

19. No Prostitutes allowed

Guests are encouraged to "Get a Room" in case you feel the need for an intimate night. If you are brave enough you can do it outside the Hostel or the common areas, just don't complain if someone uploaded it online, we are not responsible of your actions at this point.

20. Snorers of the world: Get a private room!

We get this question quite a lot:

“Should I stay in a dorm when I snore?” “Is it okay to stay in a dorm when I know I snore?”

The answer is simple: NO!

Come on, please do not be that person that everyone hates the next morning.

Your snoring would have been impressive and funny, but truth be told, fellow guests could not sleep properly. 

So, please, snorers of the world: Do not stay in a dorm! You will not make friends this way.

21. Tipsy and funny is okay. Drunk is not!

Please do not allow yourselves to get dead drunk and cause a commotion in the sleeping areas.

Vomit in the common areas is not cool, remember to clean after yourselves.

Noisy and rowdy drunk guests will disturb others who would want a good nights rest.  

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